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Artistas MK

  1. Carlos Cruz-Diez. Exposición XIV Colores Aditivos

    Carlos Cruz-Diez y su Color Aditivo

    Esta investigación se fundamenta en la irradiación del color, es decir, en la evidencia de que cuando dos planos de color se tocan, aparece una línea virtual más oscura en la zona de toque. Mediante el aislamiento de este fenómeno óptico, Cruz-Diez obtiene los llamados “módulos de acontecimiento cromático” responsables, en parte, de la continua transformación del color.

    Cruz Diez, Color Aditivo Pacífico A, 2010

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  2. Vera Wolferen y sus carros de papel


    Dutch visual artist Vera van Wolferen creates intricate and meticulously-constructed scenes out of paper, cardboard and wood. As a playful escapist she creates ‘Story Objects’, mostly miniature sculptures that look like sets for animated films. Her dreamt-up architectural worlds are vehicles for the imagination.

    She’s currently developing the Thought Hopper 3000 an interactive website on which you can visit a paper camper. Vera divides her time between self-initiated projects and working for commercial clients. She has made papercraft set-designs, stop-motion animation and window displays for brands like HeinekenFacebookBosch and Ortec.

    In 2017 she was supported by Playgrounds Next, the talent development program of Playgrounds. In 2013 she was named one of the new-generation animators by Monocle. Her graduation film How to Catch a Bird was a Vimeo Staff Pick.

    If you’d like to support Vera’s projects go to and get a DIY-kit to build your own paper camper. Keep an eye on her instagram account to see when new paper sculptures and birdhouse families will be added to the shop.

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